Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Geek Itch

I haven't gamed in ten years or more. So why does BrickQuest fill me with joy and wonder?

It's probably the Lego aspect: I'm not only a recovering Lego geek myself, but I have two young sons, the older of whom really loves the Lego. (If I manage to drag the family to Southern California next summer for Worldcon, I know we'll need to make a side trip to Legoland.)

But it still can be surprising to find out just how geeky one really is.


RobB said...

You have been to the Lego store in the Bridgewater Mall, haven't you?

Andrew Wheeler said...

No; I'm in North Jersey, so that's much too far away. (The boys and I do end up in the Lego area of the big NYC Toys 'R' Us when we all go into the city, though.)

And, from checking out the Lego site, I see that the two Things and I were in a mall with a Lego store (Pallisades Center)just four days ago, without even noticing. So I guess we'll have to go back.

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