Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Log-Rolling in Our Time

This isn't the "WFC was fun! Whee!" post I promised on Monday, but I'm backing into that. Maybe sometime later today, before I forget everything.

Tobias Buckell has posted a longish con report, which includes a reference to meeting me. And so, by the iron laws of politeness and links, I hereby link back. It was fun meeting him as well, and I also wish we had more time to talk. (On the other hand, I wish I'd had more time to talk to about fifty people at WFC, and I know I'm not that sociable.) What struck me is that he looks just like that picture on his site. I don't think I even saw him without the jacket the whole weekend. It did making recognizing him a snap, so I'd like to encourage everyone else in the world to post a picture of themselves prominently and always look exactly like that.

The other odd thing was that I heard that my offer to do his first novel Crystal Rain in the SFBC was accepted, but not from the publisher (which is the usual channel, since I make the offer to the publisher, and the publisher is the one who actually has the rights to sell). No, I heard from Buckell's agent (who I was having drinks with) that he'd heard from Buckell that he'd heard from his editor that the offer was being accepted. That's a six-degrees-of-separation moment if ever I saw one. My usual contact at the publisher did e-mail me yesterday to accept the offer officially yesterday, though, so I'm not still in limbo.

So, Toby is a good guy, and he wrote a good book. And now I'm going to get to sell it in the club, so I hope a lot of people agree with me.

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