Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Light Housekeeping

I've added a bunch of things to the "Links" list to your immediate left, mostly consisting of blogs and blog-like things that I look at regularly. (And so I think that other people might also find them interesting.)

At the top of that list, since I'm amazingly self-centered, are two different kinds of syndication for this blog. I must admit that I really don't get how these things work yet, but somebody on rec.arts.sf.written asked, and it was easy, so I did it. I don't honestly expect much of anybody to sign up, but they are now there.

And so I find myself hurtling ever faster into the unknowable future, but, hey! I'm a skiffy editor, right? This should be easy stuff.


Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short - I've been a subscriber for a while now.

John D.
SF Signal

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