Sunday, November 06, 2005

Place-Holder Post

I'm typing this standing up at a kiosk in the lobby of my Madison hotel, since I've got more than an hour until the hotel van will take me to the airport (to wait yet longer there, of course). So I figured exercising my fingers was something to do that would probably keep me out of trouble.

But I can't concentrate on what I wanted to write about, because the "Num Lock" light on this keyboard keeps going on and off disconcertingly. Of course, now that I've mentioned it, it's stopped, but it was flicking on and off every few words during the first paragraph. (Aha! There, it did it again!) Sometimes backspacing turns it on or off, sometimes the shift key does. There are probably other triggers I haven't figured out yet. It's one of the oddest, most pointless computer things I've ever seen. My boss would obsess about it and probably demand an explanation from the hotel staff, but I think I'll just try to ignore it, unless I can figure out some meaning or purpose to it all.

Anyway, Madison is a nice little city, and didn't get cold and rainy until midway through yesterday, which was a plus. And the World Fantasy Convention was exactly what people had been saying it was (and I guess I didn't believe them, since it took me this long to get here). It's the convention with all of the people you want to talk to, and hardly any of the people you don't want to talk to, so you can just drift along, bumping into everyone you need to see and feeling very virtuous about getting so much done.

But this trip, and especially this lost afternoon (the WFA banquet and ceremony are going on right now, but I'm wasting time waiting to get out of here, so I'm not there) are making me want a laptop. I know, realistically, that I don't take many trips like this, and it wouldn't be worth it. But I'd love to be typing this sitting down, on my own computer. And I'm sure I'd find things to amuse myself with if I did have my own computer with me. (Hm. Maybe I can convince my employer to get me one, to do the SFBC blog...)

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