Friday, March 28, 2008

Itzkoff Forgets How to Plug a Book

Yesterday, Dave Itzkoff slunk into the New York Times's PaperCuts blog to chat with the man with the best hair in all of theoretical physics, Michio Kaku. Kaku gave Itzkoff some excellent quotes and background about three impossible technologies -- teleportation, time travel, and precognition -- which he carefully categorized into three classes of impossibility.

Itzkoff, since he had to provide only a short introductory paragraph, acquitted himself well. And he did manage to mention Kaku's new book, Physics of the Impossible. But this blog post is about the act same thing as that new book, which Itzkoff doesn't seem to have noticed -- in fact, Kaku's quotes quite likely came from the book itself.

(But it's better than I thought -- on my first, cursory glance, I didn't notice Itzy had mentioned the book at all, which is about what I expected from him.

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