Thursday, March 27, 2008

RFI: Anybody Use Naymz?

I've gotten a request to use yet another social networking system, Naymz. I'm generally inclined to be grumpy and unsociable, but this one claims to be for professionals. On the other hand, it has a silly, misspelled name.

So I'm asking the assembled brainpower of whoever's out there: have any of you used Naymz yet, and is it any good?


Anonymous said...

Not one I've heard of, but I Googled 'Naymz scam' and didn't get a flood of angry 'this is a phishing attack!' blog posts as a result, so it could be on the level...

Have you tried LinkedIn? Definitely one of the reputable ones.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Darren: Thanks -- it looked like Naymz was brand-new, and I guess it is legitimate. (Though what use a brand-new networking site could be is another question.)

I've been on LinkedIn for about a year; there was a big flurry of people from my former company jumping on it and networking like crazy once it became clear a hammer was about to fall.

I did that before I looked at Facebook and MySpace, so it greatly spoiled me when I came to those much more juvenile sites.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've received and invitation to Naymz as well, Googled for "naymz scam" and came across this blog post. Be aware that naymz isn't a social networking site a la LinkedIn, Facebook etc, but a "reputation management" website. The
article on Wikipedia is interesting, and there's more to explore in the "References" and "External Links" section there.

Anonymous said... (i'm sure they wanted, but it was taken) so they picked a creative slang filled world, deal with it...anyways i must say is the bomb

within two days my name was top posted on works if you need cheap & easy online rep management...try it & you will see!

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