Friday, November 14, 2008

Anatomy of the Month from Hell

I am far, far too busy this month.

I spent the 1st and 2nd preparing for the big family vacation to Orlando, and the 3rd through the 10th actually down there.

Back at work on the 11th, with a major meeting on the morning of the 12th, a lunch date and book-launch party on the 13th, and an off-site meeting this morning.

Tomorrow, the 15th, I'm driving the boys to Brooklyn to see their "Unca Dan's" apartment for the first and probably only time before he moves to Portland, and then taking Dan and some of his stuff back to my mother's for his birthday dinner and storage. (Note to self: need to get present.)

On Sunday the 16th, I fly to Charleston for the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits, and I'll be there through Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday the 20th, I have an all-day mandatory HR training session.

Friday the 21st, so far, has nothing major. This must be a fluke.

On Saturday the 22st, I'll be driving down, as early in the morning as I can stand, to Philcon, where I will be until sometime Sunday afternoon. (And I'm currently light on dinner plans for Saturday night -- let me know if you'll be there and are free.)

Monday the 24th sees the fabled annual "Mill & Swill," a party hosted by SFWA. (Ditto on pre-party dinner plans.)

I'll then have the 25th and 26th to get done pretty much all of my work for the month, unless meetings start getting scheduled then as well.

The 27th is Thanksgiving, so I'll be at my mother-in-law's most of the day, eating myself into a coma.

The Wife is working the 28th and 29th, but I don't think I'm otherwise busy. Maybe the boys and I will go see a movie. Or maybe I'll let them run around the house randomly while I get other things done.

And on the 30th, we have tickets for Cirque Mechanics at the New Victory Theater.

(Normally, we'd go cut down our Christmas tree that weekend, but I don't see when we'll get to do that.)

And then the first week of December is the thrice-yearly Sales Meeting, which means I'll be in a hotel in Jersey City for several days straight. (And means I need to get a lot of preparation done before that.)

Ye gods! If you see me blogging over the rest of the month, I probably should be doing something more constructive instead...


Michael A. Burstein said...

If you do not post at least once every other day I will be worried for your health. :-)

Unknown said...

Didn't know you were using Blackbaud. The school I work for wanted to send me there but the timing was bad.

Will be at Philcon though.


Anonymous said...

I will be at Philcon, but am not free for dinner Saturday, and we don't know each other anyway!

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