Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Best Book Companies To Work For

Every year Book Business magazine -- which I have to admit I don't hear or think about any other time during the year, so grains of salt may be required -- publishes their annual survey of the best book-publishing companies to work for.

This year, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. -- the one, the only -- clocks in at #6.

(#1 is Hachette, the only big trade publisher on the list higher than Wiley -- most of the list is made up of small and/or very niche publishers. Random House is #9, and is the only publisher on the list to hire more people than Wiley this year. I also wonder how they determined this ranking, since Random House is often considered a pressure cooker -- it may be the six-month sabbatical that you can earn if you manage to last there long enough.)

So: I work for a darn good company.

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RobB said...

Wiley's been at or near the top for a while, though right?

Interesting that RH is so high with all the top-level changes this past year.

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