Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neil Gaiman News

I like to joke that every single Neil Gaiman book is completely different from the ones before it, and that every new Gaiman title is the first something-or-other that he's done -- and he just keeps giving me more ammunition!

Publishers Weekly reported last week that Gaiman has signed a deal with his longtime US publisher, William Morrow, for three nonfiction books -- the first will be titled Monkey and Me, be published in fall 2009, and combine Gaiman's love for the Chinese classic Journey to the West with his recent long trip to China.

The other two books are unspecified, but, if book one is a travel memoir, I expect the ever-new Gaiman will follow it up with a diet/exercise book, and then the story of his new dog. (And I'm only half joking.)


The Swivet said...

So, in other words....he's become Deepak Chopra.

RobB said...

I think odds are pretty good it might be about his new dog, he blogged enough about it. It could be about his 'conversion' from cat person to dog person...I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat.

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