Friday, November 21, 2008

When You See "Amazon," Do You Think "Shoes"?

Amazon, in their continuing attempt to dominate all retail sales of everything, everywhere, have continued their inexorable assault on other retailers by expanding into footwear.

They're quite keen for people to know that they now have ALDO shoes (whatever those are), and that there's free shipping on those ALDO shoes through 12/21.

If you know, or care, more about this than I do, then click away:


graywave said...

Cool - and cunning! Dis the retailer, dis ALDO shoes (whatever they are), but still place the affilated advertising and still encourage people to click it!

You're an evil genius.

Anonymous said...

I went to look to see if they do the sensible thing and let you sort by length and width, and they do, but they don't carry any shoes narrow enough for me. Then again, almost nobody does.

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