Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never Drive a Car When You're Dead

Here's my day so far:
  • Get up late. (Sleep until almost 7 AM!)
  • Finish packing, check e-mail, walk kids to school.
  • Drive four hours to Boston.
  • Spend nearly two hours getting our boxes released from the bowels of the hotel.
  • Spend over two hours unpacking boxes and newfangled computer system and arranging them pleasingly on tables in the basement of said hotel.
  • Answer work e-mails for another two hours or so.
Here's what I'm looking forward to:
  • being back in that hotel basement at 6:15 tomorrow morning for the opening of this conference
  • working through breakfast and the morning break
  • running over for a meeting at eleven elsewhere in Boston
  • running back for the hoped-for lunchtime rush
  • working through a couple of afternoon breaks and trying not to fall over before the end of the evening reception at 6:30
I may perk up and type something substantial here before I go to bed in a couple of hours, but I tend to doubt it. So this post serves to note that I am in Boston and tired, and that I expect to be tired until sometime on Sunday, at best. And I really hope these valuation guys buy books this year like they always have before....

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Unknown said...

The next time some dealer complains about the horrid hours at a worldcon or Wfc or whatever, bop him/her.

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