Friday, May 22, 2009

Quote of the Week

"There is a superstition in the book trade that all books about Lincoln sell, that all books about dogs sell, and that all books by and about doctors sell. Ergo, say the publishers and booksellers, the crafty inkster who can combine these favorite subjects, and produce a book about Lincoln's doctor's dog, is going to clean up."
- Vincent Starrett

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Bruce said...

Say, did you know...

...that Abraham Lincoln, at one point during the Civil War, cracked under the strain and had the delusion that he was a dog?

(A Tennessee coonhound, of all things. It was quite a scene in the White House when he mistook Hannibal Hamlin for a raccoon. That's the real reason Andrew Johnson became VP in Lincoln's second term.)

Fortunately, under the care of one Dr. Mudd, Lincoln recovered and continued to lead the country.

Yep, a national secret until just now. Dr. Mudd played a later, but sadder, part in Lincoln histories, but his successful treatment of the President's breakdown was deeply, deeply, covered up.

Book contracts may be slipped under my door, thanks.

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