Monday, June 01, 2009

As Digital As Anybody

I doubt any readers of this blog will care, but the fruits of a lot of my work for the last four months (as well as much, much more work by many other people) is now available, in the form of Wiley's Fall 2009 Trade catalog.

Yes, we're yet another publisher trying to cut down waste and expenses by putting catalogs online; so far the response (to us and everyone else) in the industry is mostly positive, so I hope that continues.

I've got books scattered through the business sections, but my big cluster -- and one of your best bets for an insomnia cure -- can be found by skipping to page 41, or clicking the "Accounting" header on the first page. If any of you do happen to need a book on IFRS Private Entities, then you are, amazingly, in luck.

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