Saturday, June 27, 2009

Waiting for Itzkoff

The Book Review arrived with my New York Times this morning, the latest issue not to feature the "Across the Universe" science fiction column by Dave Itzkoff.

This marks the 36th week without Itzkoff, a new record.

I'm confident that Itzkoff can continue his amazing record of not writing reviews for a long time to come, so I'm going to track the lack of Itzkoff in the coming weeks and, maybe -- just maybe! -- we can see the first anniversary of No Itzkoff, which will arrive on October 25.

Of course, to break the streak, all Itzkoff needs to do is read a SF book and write a review of it -- and that shouldn't be too tough, should it?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Itzkoff is currently embroiled in a 'net feud with Broadway Diva Patti LuPone.

Ms. LuPone is famous for a take-no-prisoners temperament, so science fiction may be the last thing on his mind lately.

-- RD

The Brillig Blogger said...

But haven't you noticed the incredible shrinking page count of the book review as the advertising continues to fall off. We should be worrying more about the book review itself than about David Itzkoff. Especially since I'm sure, totally absolutely sure, that he's probably done 19 columns in recent weeks reviewing wonderful books by real live authors and had them all spiked because of space concerns. Totally absolutely sure.

KatG said...

Maybe they aren't having him do it anymore.

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