Friday, June 12, 2009

The Unexpected Return of Manga Friday

I didn't announce it ahead of time, since I was sure that would jinx it, but this week I had the intent of going back to thrice-a-week reviewing for ComicMix -- which I still think of as my standard, though I've missed it more often than I've hit.

And I did make it with today's "Manga Friday" column, which reviewed three quite different books from South Korean and China: Mijeong, The History of the West Wing, and Step, Vol. 1: Dynasty Tang.

No promises for next week; I've learned not to promise what I'm not sure I'll deliver. But I do have a big stack of books I should review, and an even bigger one of books I still need to read, so I'll be beavering away at those, and we'll all see what comes out of it.

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