Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Step Backwards

I moved up to using the "new" Blogger editor just before the holidays -- for the second time, mind you -- because there was a new Amazon tool that promised to make linking to products easy and simple. The first time I'd tried the new editor, the annoyances had eventually outweighed the good features, but I was willing to try it again.

Well, I'm dropped back to the old editor again.

The swell Amazon tool only actually worked at all for about a week; since then it just sits there and thinks when I ask it to look up a product. The new editor lost my FoxyTunes add-in, which I use to add the "listening to" links at the bottoms of some posts. (That's minor and expendable, sure, but it was fun, and why give it up if I'm not getting anything in return?)

And the new editor is more annoying; it's harder to move images around, and I'm getting extra line spaces in places I don't want them all the time. The preview doesn't work as well, either; it never actually shows the Amazon boxes I plop at the end of some posts (and the new editor seems to routinely delete or corrupt or otherwise destroy those boxes, anyway; I've been going back into posts after they're up and re-adding the boxes). Oh, and there was no explicit "spellcheck this post" function, so I just had to look for red squiggles under words all the time.

As far as I can tell, the only positive thing I got out of the new editor was an ability to make images smaller, and to have them flush right. And I bet that, if I spent the time to learn a bit of HTML, I could do that all by myself.

So I'm back in the old editor. You folks out there might see very minor changes -- the FoxyTunes closers will return, and there won't be images flush right for at least a little while -- but it should be pretty much the same. After all, I have kept the same bland standard theme for over four years now; this isn't a blog that changes a whole lot.
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