Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Pathetic Excuse for a Blog Post

After the fabled four-hour meeting that I tweeted about earlier today, I had a dinner with pretty much the same cast of characters. But that was fine because a) I work with a great bunch of people and b) we ate at Buddakan. The food was amazing, and the company was wonderful.

But that did mean that I got home very late, and quite tired. I like to make a blog post every day, but I don't have the energy to finish up any of the longer things I've got lying around.

Solution? I also have several bits of Amazon Pimpage that I haven't gotten to yet. So I'll link to those, and post it, solving two pseudo-problems at once.

First: Amazon is selling textbooks! If you need textbooks, you may find their prices to be quite impressive. Click on this here banner to find out...

Second: Amazon's El Gigunto Book-Reader, a massive slab of plastic and glass that will set you back nearly five hundred simoleons to read books that you'll have to pay for all over again, now has wireless content delivery in over 100 countries, which may appeal to those of you who both like throwing away money and who live in countries that are among the 100 but not the USA. Here, have a banner that doesn't actually talk about that offer:

Third and Lastly: the aftermath of the holidays, I suspect, has left Amazon with a bad eggnog hangover, several pairs of lacy underthings that it hopes were worn by someone else, and stacks of DVDs that they'd really like to clear out of the breakfast nook. (Ouch! Sorry. Got to remember not to say the n-word around Amazon, particularly before the first cup of coffee.) If you'd like rummage through those DVDs, you may well find some special offers and great deals. On the other hand, you might instead find the marmalade-and-banana sandwich that Amazon made the afternoon of Boxing Day and hasn't seen since. These are the risks you face.

Oh, have another banner, why don't'cha?

No, it's not related to anything. What of it?

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