Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Quote: A Peeping Hefner

I've neglected to make any normal post today, so have a random interesting quote from a book I read recently:

"Hefner understood this feeling, had experienced it in the early years of his marriage when he would slip away from his sleeping wife at night to take long walks through the city. Along the lake, he would look up at the luxurious towering apartment houses and see women standing at the windows, and imagine that they were as unhappy as he was; he wanted to know all of them intimately. During the day he would mentally undress certain women he saw walking in the street, or in parks, or getting into cars, and although nothing was ever said or done, not even a glance was exchanged, he nevertheless felt a quiet exhilaration, and he could revive the impression of these women weeks later in his cinematic mind, could see them as clearly as he was now seeing the photographs of the nude dancer on his desk."
- Guy Talese, Thy Neighbor's Wife, pp. 26-27

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