Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sayings That Didn't Catch On

It's another weekend in which I've been doing other things instead of writing blog posts (cleaning Thing 1's room and playing too much Lux, to mention two of them), so I'll dig some things out of closets to post here. This is one of my various bits of string saved from elsewhere on the Internet, and I'll toss in a quote in a little while.

I wrote these back in 2003 for
a thread on the Straight Dope Message Board called "Failed Maxims," and they still amused me when I found them again. So I'm rerunning them:

The little lamb knows not the ways of the lobster.

When the sun is high, God is nigh. When the sun is low, God's gotta go.

A tree in the hand is worth two birds in a hat, or three on Sundays.

Who know the secret of the song of the cuckoo? Well, there is this one guy, but he's not telling.

Austria bakes; Romania shakes.

Man cannot live on breadfruit alone, but pineapple is another story.

Do unto others.

The difference between "should" and "will" is farther than the square of the hypotenuse.

A knocked door never watches.

A set of twins is a joy to behold, but triplets turn evil without a scold.
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