Friday, August 06, 2010

Go Back to School!

Yes, it's that time of year again, when you start thinking about going back to school in a few weeks. (Or, for those of you in certain parts of the country -- whatever country that may be -- it's soon after you already did go back to school.)

And going back to school always means one thing: buying lots of required supplies, and then lining them up neatly on the closest desk/table, as you swear to yourself that this is the year that you'll keep it all together, that everything will go perfectly, that you won't lose your pencil sharpener on the second day and your highlighters won't dry out until after finals and the zipper on your oh-so-sweet pencil case will be strong and true all year and That Certain Someone will finally smile at you....

It won't happen, of course. But you can dream. Now is the time for dreaming.

And also for the purchasing of supplies.

If you're going to college, step into Door Number One. If you're still in the required portion of your schooling, there's a lovely Door Number Two for you. And if your schooling days are long over, but you still want to live the dream, Door Number Three will provide you with the monopolistic office software that your employer and mine most likely requires.

The virtual store is open eternally, so there's no waiting. Come and get whatever random list of objects that badly-mimeographed list you clutch in your sweaty paw demands.

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