Friday, August 27, 2010

The Kind of Geek I Am

I broke down and bought an iPad last weekend -- I know, I know, but I failed what Charlie Stross so eloquently calls a saving roll vs. "the shiny" -- which meant that I now have three mobile Apple devices. And so I decided that their standard naming convention -- Andrew Wheeler's This, Andrew Wheeler's That -- was insufficient for the current plethora.

So the iPad is now Porthos, since it's the physically largest of my devices.

My oldest iPod, a 160GB Classic that still can hold my entire music library -- and probably will for another year or three -- is Athos, since it is the oldest, and has the most secrets.

And the middle device, my iPod Touch, must therefore be Aramis.

And, yes, I did rename the internal hard-drive of my desktop D'Artagnan at the same time, just to be consistent.

But now I wonder if I should bring my Windows laptop into the fold as well -- should that be Richelieu? Or maybe Lady de Winter?

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