Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the six-month anniversary of Book-A-Day 2010: I've written a book review post here for 182 days straight. (I've actually written 187 Book-A-Day posts as of this moment, since I doubled up on five of those days -- it would be nice to get further ahead, and I intermittently think about it, but it's tough enough just to keep up with the days as they pass.)

At this point during the last stretch of Book-A-Day, I was about ready to quit; I only just dragged myself up to #200 to have a nice round number. This time, I feel like I'm in a groove, so I'm not planning to quit any time soon. On the other hand, that stretch was about reading a book every day -- the posts weren't anything as regular as they have been in this run -- and this stretch is about writing a review of a book every day. So they're not entirely comparable.

Still, I guess at this point I should make my intentions clear: I plan to keep Book-A-Day going for a whole year, if I can, and end on February 3rd of 2011. (It's traditional, among publishing people, to do dumb things, but only if you can do it for precisely a year. It's also traditional to align that with the calendar year, but it's too late for that now. The third tradition is to try to get a book deal out of it, but that's way too inside baseball for me -- as well as too much work, and utterly futile to begin with, because who reads book reviews, anyway?)

So that means, if I can do it, that you folks have another 183 daily posts to look forward to. Good think that I've already written five of them!

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