Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Not Vacation in Amber This Year?

SF Signal had one of their regular "Mind Meld" features on Wednesday, in which they ask a bunch of SFnal people the same question and run all of the answers together. They asked me to join in this time -- despite the fact that I punted on them at least the last two times they asked, which shows amazing optimism and charity on their part -- and the question was:

One of the good things about reading SF and F is that it allows the author to create as mundane or as wild a setting for a story to take place in. And with innumerable stories to choose from, the range of settings, and a reader's favorite, is limitless as well. We asked our panel this week to answer this question:

Q: What are some of your favorite science fiction and fantasy settings and why?
My answer, as well as those of Heather Massey, John Joseph Adams, the inimitable John C. Wright, and several others, can be found here. A hint to my answer can be found in the title of this very post.

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