Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawking Non-Available Kindles

So you've probably heard by now that Amazon has a new Kindle e-book reader -- thinner, lighter, cheaper, in a soothing grey. You've probably also heard that it's currently sold out -- even though it's not in stock yet.

If you did want to buy it -- I mean, if you wanted to place an order for a thing that the manufacturer won't tell you when they'd be able to ship it to you, which is not very much like "buying" in any universe I'm familiar with -- I urge you to use the above link to do so, since I would thereby get a tiny piece of the money you'll spend on that device, assuming you ever do, when it's in stock, assuming it ever is.

If you're too cheap for a regular Kindle, there's also the Wi-Fi only version, which is even cheaper --- but, sadly, is also sold out.

If you managed to buy a Kindle -- either this fancy-schmancy new one, or one of the previous editions (which seemed so fresh and new at the time, but now look kludgy, old, and oh-so-expensive) -- some time in the past, you may want to buy some stuff to read on it.

And, if you prefer real books instead -- then go to it. Most of them are available for shipping immediately...and wasn't "immediacy" supposed to be the big selling point of e-books, anyway?

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