Sunday, September 12, 2010

Admitting the Problem Is the First Step

This blog has been sleepy lately -- taken up by Book-a-Day and very little else -- due to a complicated mix of busyness, laziness, and ennui on my part, but I'm here to jump up, as I do all too often, and say that It's Going to Change.

Book-a-Day has been taking much more of my blogging energy than I expected, but I will keep it up to the bitter end -- because I may not do all of the things I should, by by God! if I do something, I do it all the way -- even though the Book-a-Day regime has seen Antick Musings' stats of both posting and visits dipping. (The two run in tandem, mostly, as with most things on the web.) Anyway, I'm more than half-way through -- and past my summer travel season -- so this should be the easy part.

And I've got close to a dozen things that I've fully intended to post about over the past couple of weeks, which I still want to get out. (As belated and stale as they may seem now.)

So I hope to have some more posts today, and later this week, that aren't just Book-A-Day. But we've all seen that hope isn't necessarily enough to accomplish the changes we want to have happen....

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