Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Songs About Bad Concerts

Local H's All The Kids Are Right just came on my iTunes -- it's a wonderful rocker about a really bad night for the band -- and it made me think about other songs in the same vein.

But I couldn't think of many.

Sure, there are lots of songs in which the band talks about how hard they rock, and how everything they do is cool -- We're An American Band is the exemplar of the genre -- but certainly there must be more songs that say "Christ, we had a shitty set tonight"?

The only other thing that I could think of is They Might Be Giant's jokey Disappointing Show, but I'm sure there must be many more out there...right?


Paul said...

Defunct Swedish retro'n'roll outfit The Hellacopters have mined that theme a few times, as it happens. the most obvious example is "I'm In The Band", which deals in part with band members being blocked from the venue they were about to play, but tunes like "Truckload of Nothin'", "No One's Gonna Do It For You" and "Throwaway Heroes" acknowledge the disposability and interchangability of rock'n'roll bands, lament personal poor performances and self-remonstrate that giving it your all is the only way to make it to the top (as AC/DC so helpfully pointed out early on).

The Hellacopters and many of their Nordic contemporaries from the same scene had a rather charming line in self-deprecation, and I think that's probably why I've always preferred them to the pure macho/ego of the bands whose styles they took on. Good time air-guitar rockers all the way. Look 'em up. :)

Chris McLaren said...

Since I lived in Halifax, NS for a few years, I'm aware that the Bare Naked Ladies song "Hello City" is pretty much the band giving the finger to that city.

(Read FAQ #2 under "Gordon" for details: )

Alexx Kay said...

"Opening Band", by Paul & Storm might qualify:

Patrick Malone said...

Jimmy Buffett's "Kick it in Second Wind" probably works, as well.

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