Sunday, March 31, 2013

Go Forth and Read Ye of the Ways of Amazon

I don't write about Amazon nearly as much as I feel like here, but that's OK -- Matt Blind, aka "Rocket Bomber," is always there to pick up the slack.

For example, he recently rounded up a lot of recent articles on Amazon and then explained how they're only doing what Sears did a hundred years earlier. (Doing it very well, yes, but very much the same thing.)

This time out, he doesn't concentrate much on Amazon's biggest advantage: their business model is to make very little money while trying to keep other players in the market from making any (which was greatly facilitated by their getting a five-year multi-billion dollar grace period from investors, which is, I think, unprecedented in any capitalist country).

But go read it, particularly if you work in any business where Amazon is a major retailer -- and, these days, that's pretty much all of them.

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