Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Am Not at Lunacon

If you're at Lunacon, and looking for me, there's a reason why you can't find me: I'm not there.

I've only missed a couple of Lunacons over the past twenty years -- one because my older son was busy being born, and maybe one other time -- but this year it just didn't work out. Thing 1's birthday (alluded to above) is tomorrow, and he's enmeshed in the last practices for the big high school musical (The Music Man -- see it next weekend at Pompton Lakes High!) every day. Thing 2 is camping this weekend. And I didn't remember to get a table in the Dealer's Room in time, and also punted on the program questionnaire -- because, when I looked at it, with a section under each panel description headed "tell us why you should be on this panel," I couldn't think of a single reason for any of them.

So maybe next year. 

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