Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heaving a Large Sigh

So Google is going to shut down Reader, now?

(They aren't satisfied with all of their other failed products, and they need to get rid of one that works well and that I use every day?)

Is Bloglines still out there? I guess I need to start researching what else is out there. And I'm sure porting over all of my folders is going to be a huge pain, curse those Mountain View bastards.

Anyone out there using anything particularly good to read RSS feeds? I really don't want to go back to a list of bookmarks and nothing keeping track of read/unread.


Jon Rubin said...

It's an absolute PITA - it 'just worked' plus the export is not nearly as friendly as it used to be. Don't have any alternatives - trying to remember why I abandoned bloglines years ago, pretty sure there was a good reason. Will be following to see if anybody has any good recommendations

Anonymous said...

I use LiveJournal syndications and Bloglines for redundancy, because neither are as reliable as I'd like. I also use a couple of Firefox's livebookmarks, but they really aren't very convenient.

For webcomics I use as my primary, with as a backup.

FS said...

A lot of suggestions in the Metafilter thread.

Jon Rubin said...

feedly seems to be where everybody is heading - I think they've increased their server capacity plus it looks like they knew this was coming

Unknown said...

I'm experimenting with Feedly:

So far, not bad -- some good customization options ( <-- Feedly blog on how to tweak) and easy sharing to other platforms. Not ideal, NOT Reader. And for now, Feedly runs off Reader's API, but they're planning to transition to something else. "Seamlessly," they say.

Am also playing with The Old Reader (long wait to import my subs, though) and Prismatic.

DIgg is cooking up its own Reader substitute:

Nikki ( said...

This really is annoying, isn't it? Sigh. I'm heading over to feedly as well I think.

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