Monday, March 11, 2013


The Washington Post's Wonkblog had a great post recently on what China's hackers are looking for when they rifle through American digital assets:

The Chinese look at Washington, and they think there must be some document somewhere, some flowchart saved on a computer in the basement of some think tank, that lays it all out. Because in China, there would be. In China, someone would be in charge. There would be a plan somewhere. It would probably last for many years. It would be at least partially followed. But that’s not how it works in Washington.
 It's quite amusing to note that chaos and dissension may be our USP.

A friend of mine used to do a similar joke -- he'd rant along the lines of "Millions of people have tried to understand what's in my brain, but not a one ever could! And do you know why? Because there's nothing there!" To sell that, he always ended with one finger pointed at his head and a maniacal look in his eyes that denied any possibility that he realized what he just said. Perhaps we can get Joe Biden to do the same to the Chinese; he's probably the top government guy right now who could best put it over.

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