Monday, September 18, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 9/16

For those of you keeping track at home -- are there people who even read blogs nowadays? I tend to think I'm typing this mostly for my own memory, like a diary that's ostensibly in public -- this is the third week in a row with no books in the mail.

Since I just spent a very busy week alternately in a gigantic office building on the Minnesota prairies and a quite nice hotel attached to the Mall of America, that's just fine with me. There will be other books later: there are always more books.

But, this week, I'm not going to be the one telling you about any of them.


Unknown said...

Yes, yes there are people who read blogs and your blog specifically. I hope you keep doing it!

Shane said...

Did you make it to Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore while you were in Minneapolis?

Andrew Wheeler said...

Shane: No; I didn't even make it into Minneapolis. Trips to the mothership are purely spent in a hotel and in the office, sadly -- it's a whirlwind.

Shane said...

I paid entirely too much to uber over one afternoon when my meeting got out early. Totally worth it. Overwhelming amount of science fiction and fantasy books. I had two hours to look before they closed and still didn't get to examine everything thoroughly.

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