Monday, September 25, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 9/23

It can be a burden having an excessively tidy mind. You need to do things just so, and to follow precedents exactly, even when that's a bit silly. But you do get things done, and you get them done consistently. On balance, it works out.

So I post every Monday morning to list any new books I've gotten in the prior week. If I haven't been shopping much, and the wheels of Big-Publishing Publicity have been grinding away in directions other than mine, that can be a short list. Often, a list so short that it would be impossible to be any shorter.

And, yes, this is another one of those weeks. I probably should figure out something else I can write about in this space in those situations. Or maybe I already have -- I'm writing at length about the process, or the lack of process, which is fascinating to me, though I'm sure not so to you.

But, then, this is my blog, not yours, isn't it?

I'm next going to try finishing up posts on the three books I read last week -- if I get them done, they'll go up later this week, spaced out to make it look like there's more content here. That will at least be something more substantial that this post. And then I'll be back next week, to list books or vamp for a few paragraphs, as the mood takes me.

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