Monday, September 10, 2007

An Explanation But Not an Excuse

There are days when I post a lot on this blog; that's usually because I'm at home all day, not doing much of anything.

And there are days like today, when I'm incommunicado most of the day, on a job interview or various networking activities or such-like. Those days are light blogging days.

So this is probably it for me today -- I'm going to try to read some more of Making Money and get out of the hot basement. Tomorrow, though, will bring some high-quality snark about the coveted Quill Awards.


Brad Holden said...

Your quest for a day job is far more important than my need for a new book review.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a traditional book-editor job, or do you want something more exotic?

Andrew Wheeler said...

Johan: I'm looking for something related to my skill-set, which doesn't entirely overlap the traditional idea of "editor." (How much any contemporary editor's skills exactly map to that expected set is a different question.)

I'm mostly looking for marketing and/or editorial jobs for media companies in the New York/New Jersey area, with a slight bias towards book publishing.

What I did at my former employer was a whole lot of negotiating and acquisitions (well over a hundred products a year); regular copy-writing and copy-editing; various marketing and administrative/oversight functions; and plenty of internal and external advocacy.

In short, I found products for existing, defined market segments, marketed those products to the appropriate consumers in the appropriate ways, and managed much of the communications and data-flow associated with those functions.

(Interested folks could email me at acwheele at to request my resume or for other communications.)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your extensive experience writing snarkalicious blog entries. And then there's your Usenet experience, of course, but I I'm not sure where it would be relevant. In a slaughter-house, operating the pneumatic-bolt stunner maybe.

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