Saturday, September 29, 2007

Incoming Books, Week of 9/29

This was a big week; The Wife has started to complain that I get more mail (especially packages) than she does. And, in my new spirit of secrecy, I won't just give you a huge boring list of everything. Instead, I'll divide it up by provenance:
  • Dark Horse sent me four books, two of which I think I'm going to cover at ComicMix and two of which I want to write about this weekend here. (We'll see if I get to them that quickly.)
  • Night Shade sent me two Lucius Shepard novels and Matt Hughes's The Spiral Labyrinth, which all go on the already too-full shelves of books I want to read Right Now.
  • I got two Young Adult novels from various pieces of Random House. I'd like to cover more YA here, so I hope to get to at least one of them pretty soon. (And, in an odd coincidence, the book I'm starting to read today is also a YA novel.)
  • I took a trip to the comics shop this week, and got a small pile for my boys and a somewhat more expensive pile for me, including The Best American Comics 2007, a new Hellboy collection, and Marvel's fourth collection of Walt Simonson's great Thor run.
  • And Ballantine sent me a huge mass of materials, including a pile of manga, a guide to manga, and some more Flight collections.
So I should be reviewing a lot of stuff for ComicMix over the next few weeks...

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