Monday, September 10, 2007

Would You Read an E-Book On This Thing?

This, according to MSSV, is the prototype of the Kindle, Amazon's new ebook reader. It's hard to tell how large it is without something to compare it to, but it certainly looks chunky.

The industrial design also appears to be out of a late '70s movie -- Logan's Run, maybe?

Here's another point: it's projected to retail for $500-$600.

And it's going to only read books in a brand-new proprietary format.

Hm. An ugly, oversized, cripple-wared, expensive solution to an non-existent problem. Looks like a winner to me!

[via Booksquare]


jmnlman said...

That's just ugly.

Anonymous said...

Somehow that color and those lines remind me of a Star Trek shuttlecraft. A squished one...

Ran said...

I really don't know what they're thinking over there. You can get a perfectly acceptable PDA (that can be used for stuff other than e-book reading) for less than $150. $400-$500 is just nuts.

Now, a simple E-Ink device for $100 or less... I'd consider grabbing that.

Sean O'Hara said...

The retro-future design is kinda neat, but not $500 neat. I mean, it just needs to store text files and display them on a screen -- we're talking technology about as powerful as the original Gameboy, shrunken with 18 years of Moore's Law, and the cartridges replaced by a hundred megs of flash memory.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Tektronix terminal. And since there's nothing to compare it to, it looks bigger than books! Boo!

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