Thursday, September 13, 2007

If I Were Not a Barrister, An Engine Driver Me

So I ran across another four or five people doing that same what-job-should-you-do quiz as the previous entry, and realized that there were several other categories of questions I could answer. I'm not one to leave anything half-done, so, now, my totally exhaustive list of potential careers is:
  1. Technical Writer
  2. Political Aide
  3. Public Policy Analyst
  4. Professor
  5. Lobbyist
  6. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer
  7. Certified Public Accountant
  8. Archivist
  9. Auditor
  10. Appraiser
  11. Researcher
  12. Personal Financial Planner
  13. Editor
  14. Venture Capitalist
  15. Economist
  16. Computer Trainer
  17. Customs Broker
  18. Historian
  19. Purchaser
  20. Real Estate Appraiser
  21. Property Manager
  22. Corporate Trainer
  23. Lawyer
  24. Civil Litigator
  25. ESL Teacher
Somewhat better, though, for most of the good jobs on that list, I would have had to have done some very different work and/or study at least a decade ago. I'm sure the Alternate History Andrews are enjoying their Law jobs, but that doesn't have much to do with Earth Prime me.

And, according to things I stripped out when I copied it, I'm best suited to being a Public Policy Analyst or an Editor. I'm probably not ideologically pure enough (on any side) for the former, so I think this test is officially trying to teach its grandmother to suck eggs.


Brad Holden said...

I enjoy how Venture Capitalist is just sort lumped in there. "Gosh, tomorrow I will raise a few tens of millions of dollars and start my new career."

Anonymous said...

Who says this you is the Earth Prime you? Oh, the hubris...


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