Friday, September 07, 2007

One of the Reasons Why, Despite Everything, I'm Still a Republican

I live in New Jersey; these guys are my local Democratic party. (Paterson is the nearest decent-sized city to me; the City of Passaic is just on the other side of that and the namesake of my county.) We have a nearly Third-World level of corruption in this state, entirely because of our Democratic machine.

(The Republicans aren't peaches, but they're at least politicians go.)


Anonymous said...

Each party offers fine & distinctive albatrosses to hang from one's neck.

Michael Walsh

Anonymous said...

Andy: Let's be honest. Being a Republican stands for a lot more than not voting for three lack ass local Democrats. I'd enumerate, but I know you read the newspapers.

jeff ford

Brad Holden said...

The Republicans aren't peaches, but they're at least politicians go.

How many members of the Reagan administration ended up in prison again?

How many recently serving Republican members of the House and Senate have been shown guilty crimes ranging from soliciting sex to bribery?

The idea that one party has some sort of lock on honesty is complete idiocy. You are usually much smarter than that.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Brad: I'm talking about my local party. I can't take any responsibility for those Idaho or Texas guys. Jersey Republicans tend to be well-meaning businessmen whose successful careers would lead one to expect that they should me more intelligent than they seem to be.

Jersey Democrats aren't necessarily corrupt, but it's the way to bet. That machine is pretty strong,and has been for a while.

Anonymous said...

While Andy and I agree on a number of issues politically speaking, the Reagan admin pushed me away from GOP, and the attempt to impeach Clinton sealed it.

That being said, the NJ Dems, local and state, are chockfull of horrid, horrible, old-school corruption. It's so vile that I've actually voted for a few GOP locals (let's here it for Will Anklowitz!!), something I had vowed I wouldn't do after the impeachment. It makes me glad to be moving to NC (that, and the huge drop in property taxes...)


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