Monday, February 07, 2011

Editorial Explanations: February 7, 2011

The working week began with the usual blizzard of editorial cartoons, many of which made very little sense. But that's what I'm here for....

Jerry Holbert, 2/7/11:
It is incredibly surprising when a politician runs for re-election, particularly when it is one the cartoonist dislikes. Also, Jerry Holbert has an incredibly provincial view of the world political center if he believes Barney Frank is more than mildly liberal for the USA.

Bob Gorrell, 2/7/11:
There is something President Obama can do, right this second, to fix the situation in Egypt, but Gorrell won't tell you what it is. Similar solutions, though, exist for all world problems.

Dick Locher, 2/7/11:
Democracy in Egypt has not only already died; it was mummified millennia ago and has now crumbled to dust. Presumably, the current street protests are thus completely useless.

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Nat G said...

You're missing the central hilarities of the Barney Frank cartoon - he's depicting this Jewish Senator as a pig, an unkosher animal! And is mocking the Senator by showing him holding the sign in his right hand - which for most people would be the strong hand, but for the left-handed Senator, is actually his weakness!

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