Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Editorial Explanations: February 8, 2010

Tuesday's editorial cartoons brought confusion and head-scratching to millions. But perhaps these thoughts will help:

John Auchter, 2/8/11:
That amazing technological development of the 1970s, the shelf tag, appears to have finally made its way through the dense jungle surrounding the last holdout of primitive man: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pat Bagley, 2/8/11:
Solar power is nice, y'know? Just really, really nice. That's all.

Jimmy Margulies, 2/8/11:
Mubarak might be a repressive dictator, but, for Israel, he's about the only repressive dictator within a thousand miles that hasn't declared a desire to immediately destroy their country. So they're not necessarily happy about the outbreak of democracy. Either that, or they just finished paying for that statue.

Nate Beeler, 2/8/11:
The promised Republican chopping of federal spending will begin with the famously wasteful Office of Dramatic Political Signs. Also, the word just is in red because...nope, can't figure out that part.

Bruce Plante, 2/8/11:
Shooting fat, drunken businessmen in the rear rarely brings immediate results. Cupid Obama should remember to buy them candy first.

Rob Smith, Jr., 2/8/11:
Talking with your mouth full is rude, and only liberals would be rude. Smith would also like to point out that ever eating anything other than celery sticks after mildly calling for better nutrition standards is so totally hypocritical, man!

Nick Anderson, 2/8/11:
Boo! Nasty theocrats! Iran in 1979! Why aren't any of you people listening to the Inevitable Drumbeat of Doooom!

Tom Tomorrow, 2/8/11:
Just like Charles Dickens, Tom Tomorrow is paid by the word.

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