Saturday, February 12, 2011

Editorial Explanations Is Moving

Well, it's moved, actually.

As I've been making those long posts full of editorial cartoons this last week, a nagging thought stayed in the back of my head. "These really should be posted one cartoon per post," I thought, "and tagged by cartoonist." I finally realized that this thing really would work better as a blog of its own, and now it is one.

All of the "Editorial Explanations" posts here have been sliced into their component cartoons and posted over at the brand new blog Editorial Explanations, plus a few new cartoons from today.

While building Editorial Explanations this afternoon, I realized that my RSS feed link for Antick Musings was broken, as was the "subscribe via e-mail" link. I've fixed both of those, which may make reading Antick Musings more convenient to some of you. Editorial Explanations has both kinds of subscriptions as well, and its smaller posts might be more helpful for slower connections as well.

Editorial Explanations isn't quite complete -- I do want to put in some kind of links-list, with as many editorial cartoonists as I can dig up, plus other resources -- but it's mostly there, and I hope you'll find it just as amusing, but more useful, than the posts of the same name here were. It should continue indefinitely, though I can't promise that I'll be explaining a dozen cartoons a day consistently.

(And that reminds me that I should do some housekeeping around here as well -- add it to the long list of things I'll get to as soon as I get A Round Tuit.)

In other Antick Musings housekeeping news, I'll note that I'm now five books behind in writing about what I've read, plus two movies. But there's always tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You didn't ask for comments on this, but this seems to be the coincident post, so I'll try . . .

I've enjoyed your blogging for some years now, but the new font I find terribly hard on my aging eyes.

For what it's worth from random net-dude.


Andrew Wheeler said...

Patrick: Thanks for the note; I have my doubts about that font myself, and might just leave it a few days to see if other people agree with you.

I did try to move Antick Musings to a coherent font family that somewhat matches the (very sloppily implemented) theme here, but it was difficult to find a font in the family I was working with that looked even marginally readable to me as body copy, so I might default to Times New Roman or something boring like that soon.

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