Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I Did Today, By Andrew Wheeler, Age Forty-One

So today my two sons and I spent much of the day in the big bad city, doing the following things:
  • riding in on a NJ Transit bus, during which Thing 2 avidly played a Pokemon game on his DS and Thing 1 stared out the window,
  • grabbing a doughnut each at the Tim Hortons on 42nd street, because we had half an hour to kill before the show, because those are some real good doughnuts, and because it would help keep the boys happy until a slightly late lunch,
  • seeing the aforementioned show -- Circus Incognitus at the New Victory, an excellent and very funny one-man circus show with lots of juggling and funny stuff from Canada's own Jamie Adkins (making the Tim Hortons previously mentioned very apropos),
  • catching lunch at the 8th Avenue Shake Shack -- everyone loved the fries, and Thing 1 was completely happy, though Thing 2 (never a big burger man) didn't finish his hot dog and was deeply disappointed in his chocolate shake, which had a unexpectedly bitter mocha/coffee undertone to it,
  • stopping in at Midtown Comics, in a not-entirely-successful attempt to get back into the comic-shop groove -- I haven't seen a Previews catalog in at least three months (and didn't find one today), so I have no idea what's out there or coming these days,
  • zipping back on a bus, with similar reactions as above -- I was playing Angry Birds (the Valentine's Day levels on Seasons), for the fullest picture,
  • and then having dinner, as we do nearly every Saturday, with my mother.

After all that, I'm tired, so no real blogging here. I have been reading Connie Willis's Blackout and All Clear these last few weeks, and hoping that I can drag all of my various thoughts -- there are good things about that bifurcated novel, but many more odd or disappointing things -- into shape within the next week or so.

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