Thursday, February 03, 2011

No More Book-A-Day (For Now)

Just in case anyone was puzzled, this morning's # 365 will be the last -- I figured one whole year was long enough to write a review every day. There's still plenty of decent book review blogs and websites out there, so I'm sure that you'll manage to fill the void if you look a bit. There are, of course, even more rotten book reviews on the web -- and I'll admit that Antick Musings contributed some of them along the way, though I'll never point to specific examples -- but you're on your own avoiding them. (And I will review books, too -- just not one Every. Single. Day. anymore.)

So my blogging will shift again -- I hope to get back to writing about movies, and possibly even reviving the "Reading into the Past" series of posts (though I've said that before). General "hey look at that thing" posts may ramp up, as well, though I'm still using Google Reader to share those, and I like that interface. I also have another idea, for a series of probably-weekly posts, general essays with a very vague link, but I need to poke around with the idea, and some examples, before I dive into it (or explain it).

In other words: blogging will continue, but it will shift focus somewhat. I've never followed the smart blogging money, which says that you need to concentrate on just one topic, have a flashy design (or at least one that gets updated within five years), and market yourself unmercifully to a specific target audience. Vast wealth and fame wouldn't suit me, anyway.

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Harry Connolly said...

I've enjoyed the reviews--especially the graphic novel trades. I've picked up a lot of the books you've mentioned here for myself and my son.


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