Monday, March 26, 2007

Incoming Books, week of 3/26

The weekend was absolute madness, with two birthday parties on Friday night, a full day of errands (plus a "mini-fair" and Easter egg hunt) and Grandma W's birthday dinner for Thing 1 on Saturday, then Grandma R's birthday dinner for Thing 1 and several hours of gathering Cub Scout food drive bags on Sunday. The two posts I managed to put up only did so because they were essentially already written; I was mostly away from the home computer.

But now I'm back...and catching up on being out of the office all afternoon. Maybe by Wednesday everything will be on schedule. But, for now, here's some stuff I just got:
  • Mouse Tales by David Koenig -- an unauthorized anecdotal history of Disneyland
  • Adventures in Unhistory by Avram Davidson -- I regularly feel guilty for having read very little Davidson (and even more so that I haven't really liked what I've read), so I'm going to try again, eventually.
  • Gods and Pawns by Kage Baker -- OK, if I can read this quickly, I'll be caught up on her for a month or so until Rude Mechanicals comes out...and this after reading two decent-sized novels earlier in the month. (Of course, if the stories here are half as much fun as The Sons of Heaven was, I won't be able to wait for Rude Mechanicals...)
  • Soldier of Sidon by Gene Wolfe -- I need to read this. I've fallen behind on so many people -- and I've fallen behind on Wolfe's story collections, too -- but I just can't get behind on his novels, and I know I'll be finding time to read Pirate Freedom in a couple of months.

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