Thursday, March 22, 2007

Run Silent, Run Deep

I didn't manage to post yesterday -- though I have about half a dozen drafts at varying states of completion -- and haven't posted yet today. (Pause for your moment of Meta, as I post to say that I haven't posted.)

But I've been reading up a storm at the SFWA Election Blog, and I recommend that to anyone interested in a good old-fashioned bar-brawl. Even if you don't care who wins the election, there's a lot of interesting dirt being dug up and flung about.

And it reinforces my long-held belief that starting an argument with a writer (or, even worse, starting a general fight in a room full of writers) is about as smart as pulling on Superman's cape. These people buy their ink by the barrel, and set it forth in vast torrents at the slightest provocation...

Addendum: Careful readers of the above link will have discovered that this is the sanitized-for-public-consumption version of the debate, and that there is a more contentious, nastier version going on in the super-secret SFWAns-only bowels of It's only about twice a decade that I wish I were a full member of SFWA, but today is one of those times.

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