Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Read: How Not to Get Rich by Robert Sullivan

I finished How Not to Get Rich yesterday, after reading bits of it at Lunacon (where I got no reading done; it's like I've actually become a sociable person all of a sudden). It's a very short book -- small format, too. I read it mostly because Sullivan is the author of Rats and Cross Country and The Meadowlands, all of which I really liked.

This book is pleasant but very slight -- it's a short book, and it still feels padded. It's really a moderately amusing magazine article stretched too far. It looks like it's meant to be a parody of all those how-to-get-rich books, but it doesn't play out that way; the book itself is really a back-handed paean to doing what you like and enjoying yourself. That's a great message, but phrased in double-reverse sentences about not getting rich, it becomes a bit murky and indirect.

So this one, unfortunately, is an eh.

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