Saturday, March 31, 2007

Incoming Books, week of 3/31

I made a comic-shop run on Thursday, which is where I got this stuff (plus the new issue of Castle Waiting and a small stack of comics for Thing 1). Otherwise, I was virtuous, and didn't add anything to the to-be-read stacks:
  • PvP Vol. 2: Reloaded by Scott Kurtz -- I've been enjoying the strip online, and my lack of up-to-date gaming knowledge is rarely a problem here (as it is intermittently with Penny Arcade, where often I can tell a joke has passed by the whooshing noise it makes). So I figured I should support it by buying more of the collections...and, more importantly, read them.
  • Ex Machina, Vol. 5: Smoke Smoke by Vaughan, Harris & Feister -- since there obviously are Big Secrets here, I hope they come out in a timely manner; I don't want the same stuff to be teased for the next three years. So I do expect to enjoy this, but I'm reserving my right to grumble if the gear-spinning gets more noticeable.
  • Dork Decade by John Kovalic -- yet another Dork Tower collection; sometimes it seems like the collections come out nearly as often as issues of the comic. This one seems to be all single-page strips from magazines, and I suspect I've already seen most of them. I may need to become a bit pickier...

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