Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Minor Note

I just read two different blog posts, both saying some version of "on the Internet, you can't tell if someone is being sarcastic." So this clearly is a common concern right now, and I guess I should clear things up here.

If you're reading Antick Musings, and you're pretty sure I'm being sarcastic, I am.

If you suspect I might be sarcastic, I am.

If there's the slightest chance that what I wrote might be taken sarcastically, it should be.

If you're absolutely sure that I mean something literally...that's probably sarcasm, too.

I hope this has been useful.


Tobias Buckell said...

The internet needs a sarcastic emoticon above and beyond ;-)

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't believe you.

Also, people who say that you can't tell if someone is being sarcastic on the Internet are people who are just bad at telling. Yeah, there are toss-ups sometimes, but they're not that common.

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