Monday, April 30, 2007

Is It Worth Going to TuckerCon?

When I planned my convention attendance for this year, I knew that my company would not spring to send me to Japan for Nippon 2007 -- and that's smart of them, since I'd have no business to conduct there and I expect I'd be about the biggest dumb, clumsy gaijin you can imagine. (Yes, I kind of want to go, but, unless I win the lottery, it's not happening.)

So, instead, I decided to go to the NASFiC, what I usually call the Emergency Backup Worldcon. It's in St. Louis this year and seems to be more-or-less the local con (Archon), blown up slightly. But then I heard all kinds of less-than-good stories about TuckerCon, particularly non-standard hotel credit-card-charging practices. And so I've fallen back into indecision.

Have any of you folks out there made TuckerCon plans yet? It this going to be a decent-sized NASFiC (the only one I've been to was Conucopia in Anaheim in 1999, which felt more like a large region than a small Worldcon), or just Archon 31 with a few extra program items bolted onto it?

And, if I don't go to TuckerCon, should I go somewhere else instead? (Maybe Capclave or Balticon?) If I'm adding a con, I'd prefer it to be something driveable.

Decision, decisions.

Update, 4/30: Now I'm thinking I might go to the Locus Awards instead; I've never been to Seattle (much less the SF Museum), and a SFBC book is actually nominated this year, so I have a good excuse. Anyone know what kind of s shin-dig the SFM and Locus usually throw?

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Di Francis said...

Well, personally, I was thinking of going until the whole issue of the hotel thing made it seem like way to much work. And of course, the midwest in August. Blech.


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