Friday, April 13, 2007

Locus Poll Rapidly Closing

I've just voted myself, because I realized the deadline is this weekend. So those of you with opinions on what's good in SF and Fantasy -- I name no names, please note -- and who do not want to spend $50 to participate in a similar fannish exercise, should participate here. As far as I can tell, Locus does give a damn about your voice. (Whoever "you" are.)

They even have convenient little drop-down menus, listing nearly everything one could want to vote for (I found one or two things in most categories that I needed to add myself, though, so a judicious poke through one's previous year of reading might be in order for those wanting to be really sure they voted for the best stuff). I note with shock and amazement that their lists are so complete that even I am included, in the "Best Editor -- Pro or Fan" category (though James Minz is not; I encourage you to add him, as I did).

If you read SFF, and want to encourage people to read what you think is the good stuff, go vote. If not, please stop whining.

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