Tuesday, June 03, 2008

On the Road Again

In my no-longer-all-that-new job, I have more travel than I was used to. (Upside: it's usually to major cities, since accountants have more money than skiffy readers. Downside: I actually have to work at these conferences.) And I'm planning my busy summer, and a bit for later in the year.

Just in case people care -- friends or stalkers, perhaps -- I thought I'd run it down here.

I'll be just outside Washington DC in the fabulous Gaylord National Conference Center -- whose name I am absolutely not making up -- for the back half of the week of June 16th. I might possibly be free the night of the 19th, but I don't think I know anyone in that area. (If I'm wrong, email me!)

I'll be flying to San Francisco to party with the hard-living Institute of Internal Auditors on July 6th and coming back the morning of the 10th. I'm definitely free the afternoon into evening of the Wednesday (the 9th), and might have time Sunday and Monday evenings.

On something more resembling the usual topics of this blog, I've just made my plans for Readercon, which is the weekend of July 18th. I'll be driving up the Friday morning and coming back sometime on Sunday. (And I do have one or two extra seats in my Fit, if someone from the north half of New Jersey or nearby points is looking for a ride up or back.)

I'll be in Anaheim -- probably staying in the very same hotel I was in for Worldcon a few years back -- for the amazing American Accounting Association's annual meeting in early August. It ends the same day Worldcon begins, and I spent some time figuring out ways to get from Anaheim to Denver, but finally decided I have to skip Worldcon this year. (And that will be two Worldcons in a row that I'm missing, which is annoying. I can drive to Montreal, so I see no reason to miss it next year.)

In related news, I had decided to go to World Fantasy in Calgary instead, but the lack of direct flights and the fact that I hope to take a major family vacation the very next week put the kibosh on that, too.

Maybe I can make it to another regional this year -- anyone have any suggestions of something drivable from the New York area?

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Anonymous said...

How about a regional con here in Montreal, CON*CEPT 2008? The dates are October 17-18-19, 2008 and the web site link is http://www.conceptsff.ca. This year's author GOH will be David Brin; the artist GOH and media GOH have not yet been announced.

Last year's author GOH was David Weber; with Jo Walton, Steve Miller, Tanya Huff, Violette Malan, Yves Menard, and several others (whose names have escaped immediate recall) in attendance as panel participants.

This was my first con and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was small enough that the authors seemed to enjoy spending hours chatting with their fans outside of the various panel discussions.

It would be great to meet you after having read your posts over in rasfw and here in your blog over the last several years.

Brian McCullogh

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